PPG MEETING 31.3.2016



Chris Dowsett – PPG

Joseph Mattock – PPG

Alex Barakat – PPG

Michelle Cain – Practice Manager

Julie Swain – Nurse Practitioner

Debbie Skinner – Senior Administrator

Tracie Nicholls – Audit Clerk

Sorry to all that couldn’t attend today’s meeting – following the cancellation last week.


Michelle explained that a practice newsletter had been produced and was given as a handout.  Angela had kindly done the original.

She very proudly told the members that we had achieved 99% of our QoF (Quality and Outcomes Framework) for 2015/16. This is the services that we fulfil for our patients and have to report to the government.


As there was no real agenda today so we decided to have open discussion –


Chris brought up the fact that many patients may be requesting repeat prescriptions by just ticking all the boxes but may not necessarily need the medication or even be taking them.  He asked how much of a financial impact this could be having on the practice and Michelle explained that it would be impossible to monitor.  Chris was reassured that paracetamol is no longer given on prescription unless in exceptional circumstances.  It was suggested that maybe we could put a note on the prescriptions asking the question “Is it really needed?” but Michelle felt that this would not be effective but we could try.  It was then suggested that the PPG could carry out a prescribing campaign in the foyer in the summer months, it was felt that this was a very good idea and Michelle agreed to send an email/letter to the PPG members explaining this.  It was agreed that we could put a note on the prescriptions asking for any unused/unwanted meds or bandages be returned to the surgery for disposal.


Immunisations were discussed by Julie and she explained the new Men B campaign.  The Men B vaccine is only given to babies as this is the patient group that it is most effective for from a clinical perspective.  The Men B vaccine is an extremely  expensive vaccine and the over 5’s are not as vulnerable to contract the disease.  Until new guidelines are produced by the government the surgery can ONLY vaccinate those in the cohort.

A question was raised by Alex regarding the shared record and had we noticed numbers falling for services provided outside the surgery because they had been opted out.  Michelle explained how the Summary Care Record worked and is different to the Patient Demographic System which was where the recalls are generated from.  However the SCR is a very good idea for patients to opt in as it can save lives in an emergency situations.

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